I’ve had a lovely time this month noticing how the sunlight catches and enhances things.

Evening lightevening sun

Morning on the farm with Ivor the bull and his companionsfamily of cows

Morning dewmorning dew

Backlit helleboreshellebore

Morning sunshine, and looking up at buzzards soaring

an experiment under the apple tree

the bliss of bluebell woods

backlit Harts Tongue ferns

a soft goodnight

The prompt for this month’s photographic meet-up is SUNLIGHT.

We meet up on the first Tuesday of each month. You are very welcome to join in anytime. For future prompts go to the Photo Challenge Page.

Next month’s prompt is Sculpture.

To join us, leave links to your Sunshine photos, either current or archive, in the comments – “Bring me Sunshine!”


Adding ‘Walking on Sunshine’ after seeing it mentioned in Crafty Creeks’s post

Don’ it feel good!!!!! ❤


34 responses to “Sunlight

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  2. Yes it does feel good! That blue bell wood photo is just delightful. I haven’t been in the UK at the right time of year for a very long time to see them, I just love that vibrant shade of blue against the fresh green of spring!

    Better late than never, here’s my monthly meet up post!

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  3. Nicely interpreted! Here’s my collection:

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  5. Oh, I do love cows….so a whole bovine family is a treat. Am very intrigued by your experiment. What might become of it? Love a good sunny photo challenge.

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow


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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Perfect challenge for a hot summers day – check out more sunlight images at

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  9. Thought I’d add to this month’s challenge – ‎Only archive photos. Hope that’s alright.

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  11. Great set of photographs. I like looking at light too.

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  12. Ivor, what a bull! You really take lovely photos, the dew shot took my breathe away!


    • Thanks so much Kathy.
      Ivor is very happy in his new home. He is now luxuriating in a meadow with about 30 cows to serve! Happy boy!
      So glad you liked the ‘dew’ shot – one of my favourites too.

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  13. Love your photos, especially the Hart’s Tongue Fern. Here are my sunshine photos.

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  15. I love all of these photos. Maybe the cows especially.

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    • Ivor had just arrived at the farm and my son put him with these two calm and gentle cows with their calves to help him settle in. They all seemed so happy in the morning sun.
      Thank you for your superb collection of photos Cathy – ful of sunshiny joy!


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  17. Lovely photos, especially the hellebores. My sunshine photos are at

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  18. The third photo killed me.

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