I have long wanted to make a collaborative piece of textile art and there are a few members of the Stitchbook Collective who are also keen to join in.

calico squares

Between us we have lots of ideas, so it is going to be a fun challenge to decide where we go with it. Early days.

Somebody mentioned Inchies and I went to Pinterest to see what they were talking about. Cute! But I thought a one inch square is too tiny – hence Twinchies– also to be found on Pinterest.

To get us going I have been doing some experimentsfabric collage

A 10 inch square of calico, allows for 16 twinchies. I am making them appproximately 2.5 inches square to allow for creative eventualities.


I laid some scraps of fabric on the calico, pinned them and ran some machine stitching through, with the stitches at the longest settingprepping twinchies

Then measuring about 2.5 inches, I cut them into strips

fabric collage - twinchies

and then squares


As you can see – not accurately measured or cut! I know that will drive some people mad, but I like the randomness of it. Others might like to trim them to an exact square.

They will all get jumbled up in any final arrangement

twinchie starters

The idea is to send these little fabric collages out to a few people for them to decorate as they wish. When done they will all be reunited and mounted as a piece of textile art.

I don’t know if anyone else will want to join in with this particular method, I am interested to see how my fellow stitchers react to my rather drunken twinchies.

A little bit of recycled sari ribbon will be sent with each one, to be used or not.

fabric scraps

What do you think? Could you cope with randomly sized ‘squares’ to work on?

Have you ever made an Inchie or a Twinchie?

EDIT: This project is just for our Stitchbook Collective splinter group which is called Stitched Together (a closed group). I’m excited about Crafty Creek’s comment below, so if there are more of my blog followers out there who would like to join in with another wonky twinchie project let me know in the comments and we can see where we go with it.


37 responses to “Twinchies

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  6. I suppose if you eventually get all your own squares (ish) back then they will be a bit like a jigsaw. Or do those sent out stay with who they were sent too? I’d join in a Twinchie Twallenge! πŸ˜„

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    • HaHa – love the “Twinchie Twallenge”!
      The idea is that they all come back to me and I make a finished piece – but they will be set out in a random order – not as they were before it was cut up.
      Hurray – so great that you would like to join in – that is two Wild Daff followers – and maybe three with Kathy in the States who might like to, once she sees what happens to them. I will create another set for the Daffy Twinchie Twallenge, or maybe we should make some Wild Twinches.

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  7. I think the wonky randomness of these twinchies is really effective, even without further embellishment

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    • Thank you Cathy. I am really surprised that quite a few people seem to be fine with the wonkiness. I am encouraged now to make more, if I don’t have to try to get perfect squares the task does not seem so daunting.

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  8. looking forward to seeing what becomes of others who embellish your twinchies…I’ve made small pieces in relationship to using paper but that’s another ballgame all together

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  9. No I haven’t made an inchie or twinchie but I am really interested to see what is created!

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  10. Love some of your fabrics, but must say I’m not thrilled with anything so small. Just personal preference. 🀣 Will look forward to the final outcome with interest, though!

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  11. This is so cool…I have no idea what I would do with that scrap, but after I see what your local friends do, I might be brave enough to make it worth the positive to the US. I’ll watch and see what I think!

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  12. Fun! Way outside my bailiwick, but I will enjoy seeing what comes back to you.

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  13. Going Batty in Wales

    What an interesting idea! I shall look forward to future posts.

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  14. You do realise these are *also* prime ScrapHappy material? The smallest size I’ve worked with is blocks which were 10×10 2″ squares. But they were all the same size and I was able to keep everything neat and tidy, which satisfies my soul as no improvisation can!

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    • Yes, I was wondering about saving this for the next Scrap Happy post, but couldn’t wait! So maybe there will be more to say about the project by 15th August.
      It is wonderful how different we all are isn’t it. I really admire precision in others’ work but trying to be accurate makes my brain ache. πŸ™‚

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  15. What a great idea, before the stitchbook the unevenness would have irked me, but after several months of rough and frayed edges i like the variation! if you have any spare places I would love to join in.

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    • How exciting Margaret!
      I am sorry I didn’t say (have put an Edit in the post) that this project is just for the group that has formed out of Year 1 of the Stitchbook Collective Facebook Group. But I am very happy to create another set of twinchies to do something with you and any other followers who would like to join in. πŸ™‚


  16. You’ll be pleased to know I totally get this, please count me IN!

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  17. I am up for the challenge x

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  18. Wondering how this will turn out. Reminds me of when I was sixteen and went to some art classes in a local college. We had to paint a picture of a collection of bottles and then cut it into squares and rearrange them. It puzzled me then and I suppose this puzzles me now.

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  19. Rustic Pumpkin

    I have never made either inchie or twinchie, but love the miniature world in which they exist. So, I look forward to seeing what comes back to you and what you do with them.

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