Silly Saturday Aliens

assemblage art with coral

You earthlings are really quite mad

Surely yoga is just a strange fad?

Standing still like a tree

Is alien to me

It’ s not the best fun that I’ve had


You say it helps you relax?

I think I’ve put out my back!

All this stretching and bending

Is torture never-ending

I’m sure I can feel my bones crack!


poem by Judy E Martin

of Edwina’s Episodes


Another fun creative collaboration between Judy and me. I do hope you are enjoying our ‘Silly Saturdays’ as much as we are enjoying putting them together.

Appropriate, as my back is giving me jip and, later today, I’m off the see if the Osteopath can CRACK my bones back into shape. Wish me luck!


For a humourous look at life go to Edwina’s Episodes and read Judy’s brilliant book: “Rhymes of the Times”.

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25 responses to “Silly Saturday Aliens

  1. You have really excelled in both art forms here Sandra. Also I can do this pose, its quite easy!!

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  2. I await next Saturday….the poem and art together…you may need to make a book. Pole dancers, alien yogists, what will be next?!!😉

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Made me smile!

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  4. Too cute. Whimsical.

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  5. What a wonderful message from you Pops, Sis. Luckily you know my sense of humour which is very tongue-in-cheek! 🙂

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  6. Oh no! I hope your back is soon better, Daffy. You have been overdoing the yoga, haven’t you?! xx

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  7. I thought they were Scottish dancing!

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  8. Wonderful!!! My Pops would love it! He’s a 71 year old yoga teacher!!

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    • Oh wow! Brilliant Ritu! Will you be able to show him?


      • I will try my best to!!!

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      • I sent it to him Daffy! Here’s his response!
        “Sat Siri Akaal (Greetings) bitiya.
        I like it, because people don’t understand what Yoga is. The only time you can harm yourself is if you over stretch yourself or doing some posses wrongly. This has to be done gently.
        When you mention word Yoga people think of all about all those twisting & turning your body.
        The correct word is Yog. Which means union i.e. union of your body, mind & soul, but with what? These has to be united with the ultimate power we call GOD.
        Not only posses but meditation is big part of Yog.
        It is difficult to explain here.
        May God bless your friends.

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        • Oh! Wow! Ritu, thank you! So kind of him to send a video, please thank him for me. And wonderful to get a personal message. Does he live in India? What a lovely Pops you have!!! ❤ Many many thanks!
          My daughter loves Yoga, I wish I could – I have tried a few times, if I did Yoga I'm sure my back would not be hurting now!


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