Crochet: Sunset Blanket Edge

Attic24 Dahlia Cal, my sunset version, crochet

Here it is finished!

Measuring 1m 32cm x 1m 65cm, it makes a cosy lap-blanket or throw.

To see the row order for my Sunset Version of Attic24’s Dahlia CAL go to this post

crochet throw, blanket, Dahlia CAL Attic24

I love – it makes me feel warm just looking at it.Attic24 CAL

I think it might be my favourite and I am keeping it for myself!!!

blanket edge

I followed Attic24’s stitch pattern for the edge, but changed the colours.

Here is my colour order:

Shrimp, Blush, Claret, Magenta, Spice, Tomato.


Another project finished during lockdown – very satisfying.

❤ Keep safe. Keep Well. ❤




31 responses to “Crochet: Sunset Blanket Edge

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  4. Oh this is lovely! And the edging is done so well, looks so neat, I’m saving this post, thank you 😊

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  5. Looks as warm as it feels!

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  6. arrrgh those colours are sooooo GORGEOUS!

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  7. Such a lovely colour combination and the edging finishes it off a treat.

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  8. Beautiful ❤️❤️


  9. So bright and warm. Perfect for when cooler days come.

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  10. Makes you feel warm just looking at it!

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  11. Murtagh's Meadow

    Just beautiful and such up-lifting colours:)

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  12. That is beeeeautiful!

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  13. I am in love with that edge!!! Perfect finish!

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  14. I totally agree that you should keep this beauty for yourself!

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  15. Such wonderful colours!

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  16. Gorgeous colours- and time one was for you!

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  17. It certainly looks cosy and cheerful. Understand why you want to keep it.

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  18. Going Batty in Wales

    That is lovely. The flash of purple in the edging is a nice touch. Using the shades in something natural – a type of flower or a sunset – is such a good way of getting ones that will harmonise well.

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  19. I think you caught the summer sunshine and warmth in a blanket – it’s gorgeous and that edging finishes it so beautifully. Enjoy! I don’t blame you for keeping it for yourself.

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