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Californian Nutmeg Tree

Unrelated to the true Nutmeg, this Yew had dropped its needles on the path. Apparently (from searching the internet) the seeds are purple and the kernel is edible after cooking, tasting somewhat like peanuts. They were highly prized by Native … Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday: My Christmas Tree

On Friday I took my daughter and her children to see the Ignite Garden display at Kingston Lacy Which was a magical way to meet outside at the start of their Christmas holidays. This is Little Miss M, in a … Continue reading

120, Fenchurch Street

Hellooo! Here we are again, this time on top of 120, Fenchurch Street – wow that sun was bright! (see previous post about the Sky Garden at 20, Fenchurch St) That is ‘The Gherkin’ in the background. To get up … Continue reading

Monthly Meet-Up: Tree

Gingko in Japan November 2015 Clipped fir in Doreen’s Garden September 2018 Sturdy little oak at Cerne Abbas October 2015 Vintage fabric from 1946 Weeping Willow Cerne Abbas 2017 The oak tree at the bottom of my garden September morning … Continue reading

Snowflake Tree

Yesterday I wondered if Rainbow Junkie’s easy snowflake pattern could be turned into a shawl. To try out the idea I started to lay the snowflakes out in a triangular formation and look what happened! Cute huh?!

Treehouse Retreat

On 15th December 2016 I set off, car bulging with craft materials, for 31 days of blissful solitude in a treehouse near the Pembrokeshire sea. Click here for the AirBnB link to the Treehouse, where you can see photos and … Continue reading

Photo Challenge Round-up: Street

Tokyo’s Carnaby Street ~ Jane at Rainbow Junkie……. …………… ……Winchester Cathy at Nanacathy…….. ……. ……….. …….pretty  me at Wild Daffodil……… ……… ……….Japan  Jen at Let the Sewing Begin………………mindfulness 💜 Denis at Haiku Hound…….. ……….. ……Charlie Christina A Look at the Little Things ……. …play Dorris at Dig … Continue reading


Street – Japan 3:5

Last November I went on a Textile Tour of Japan with Arena Travel and fell in love with the country, its people and culture. I started to share my trip with you all and then my computer crashed, for good. … Continue reading

Miss E’s Tree

Inspired by a post card from the post card swap my 4 year old grandaughter drew this picture as a card she wanted to send to her godmother for her birthday.   She then asked me if i had made any … Continue reading

Bench Marks

Continuing the story of the ‘Bench of Gratitude’ Installation at West Dean College. As I sat on the bench and looked out across the park, the focus of my gaze became the clump of trees in the middle distance.Dan, our tutor, … Continue reading

Black Feathers, White Flowers

Continuing my account of the Land Art Course with Dan Lobb at West Dean College: The walk from the bench, to gather the cut grass, took just over 5 minutes each way. The walking and the raking became a beautifully … Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday: Surreal?

I grew these Apple Blossom Antirrhinums from seed (a bit late) and some are struggling in the heat, so I have snipped off the flowers to help them out. So pretty. Still influenced by the surrealism at West Dean college … Continue reading

A Bench of Gratitude

Working with this bench at West Dean College on a Land Art Course, became a very meaningful process for me. It also led me to make other pieces of Land Art in different locations around the garden. This is the … Continue reading

Choosing a place to Create

Land Art Course with Dan Lobb at West Dean. As I was thinking about coming on the course I decided that my word for the week would be GRATITUDE. In the past, my life having its turbulent phases, when making … Continue reading

IVAOM: moss on a plate

A Valentines Day present for my daughter and her family. The big heart shaped stones were found by Little Miss M, in the stream near my house a few years ago, the others have been sitting in my ‘heart-shaped stones’ … Continue reading

Castle Drogo

Last week I met some friends at Castle Drogo, before travelling on to Cornwall with them to stay in Newquay for a few days. Castle Drogo is one of the most bonkers places I have ever visited. Unfortunately the house … Continue reading

A Day with the Boys

Good morning Good afternoon A walk round the pond. We wanted to identify this little bird – it was so tiny and hard to spot in the fir trees. Such a loud alarm call for a tiny bird. Even harder … Continue reading

Winter Woodland Walk

It has been so wet for so long and some of the woodlands near me are looking particularly lush and mossy – elves and fairies peeping out from behind every tree and fern. To give everyone in my daughter’s family … Continue reading

From my nest on the cliff

7.06 am 25th December 2020, looking out from my static caravan window. Click on any image to see it full screen. As some of you will know, every other year I escape Christmas and find a hideaway where I can … Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday: Happy Birthday

It was my daughter’s birthday last week and I picked some asters and cotoneaster to pop in a jar for her. The bees are going crazy for those asters but the birds are not eating the cotoneaster berries yet. There … Continue reading